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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
welcome to RACO



RACO offers a complete line of high-quality, reliable remote communications systems for monitoring, alarm notification and data logging applications. Additionally, RACO offers systems with the ability to run SCADA, PLC annunciation and process control applications.

White Paper Assistance for Auto Alarm Dialers

To help you evaluate communication platform options that best fit your application, RACO has authored a white paper, "Information Delivery for Remote Monitoring Systems: An Analysis of Communication Platforms".

Our product line ranges from interactive, wireless data communications systems to alarm autodialing systems, which enables RACO to provide a solution for any communication platform utilized—landline, cellular wireless and cellular control channel wireless.

The product page contains a product selector guide and a brief overview of each product. The product selector guide (below) can help you identify which of our products is right for you. The chart tells you the number of inputs, outputs and virtual channels supported by each product. By clicking on a product's name, you will be taken to the product's brief description and additional links to more complete information. You can also scroll down and simply browse the descriptions.

Once you know what you want, you can order it immediately through the "Order Online" button in the main menu.

For a brief product overview, select the product name from the following chart.

Product Table


Monitoring & Reporting Systems


Powerful programmable functions combine with field-proven modular design to provide a flexible, reliable system that handles the most demanding alarm monitoring applications. Furnished with 4 contact channels, RACO's Verbatim is modularly expandable to 32 contact channels and up to 16 analog channels. The system is programmable to automatically dial up to 16 different phone numbers, each up to 60 digits long, and is easily programmed from a control panel, or remotely programmable via any touch-tone phone over a standard telephone line. Also enables digitally recorded speech messages.
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AlarmAgent.com is RACO’s full-featured, web-based service for monitoring, reporting, and controlling your systems. This service will monitor and collect data from equipment 24 hours a day via a wireless, web-enabled RTU(s). The secured data will be accessible from any Internet-connected PC or other web-enabled device. Users will also be able to receive and acknowledge alarms via cell phone, email, phone, SMS, and pager.
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Verbatim Gateway

Verbatim Gateway

Verbatim Gateway is a field-proven, stand-alone alarm monitoring and reporting solution. More reliable than PC-based alarm systems, you can depend on it to perform in mission-critical applications due to its fault tolerance and internal battery backup. Robust yet affordable, Verbatim Gateway monitors operations and notifies personnel of problem conditions — anytime, anywhere — for a one-time cost. No extra service contracts or plug-ins required!
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The Catalyst system is ready to meet and overcome your monitoring and communication challenges. With an up-to-the-minute, two-way connection to essential data and real-time communication capabilities — via landline, pager, cellular phone or fax — Catalyst is the reliable, adaptable solution for critical environments. It seamlessly integrates with your control system and uses standard communication protocols, saving you time and money. No extra service contracts or plug-ins required!
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Guard-It can monitor up to 4 analog or digital input channels and call 8 preprogrammed phone numbers over a standard telephone line to provide alarm information in the form of a digitally recorded voice message. Alarm calls can be made to any standard phone, pagers, cellular phones, and voice mail. Users can call in for a status report from any remote touch-tone phone. The system is field programmable at the control panel.
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Communications Systems


RACO Cellular terminal provides temporary or permanent cellular telephone service when conventional telephone lines are not available. The cellular phone transceiver can be optionally furnished with a RACO Autodialer System to provide alarm monitoring, reporting, and system status checking. Packaged in rugged, weather-resistant housing that is easy to transport and set up.
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SCADA Systems
Verbatim SCADA system

Verbatim SCADA System

NEW FOR WINDOWS, Verbatim SCADA System software uses your dial-up phone lines to connect a Central Station Host computer to a fleet of Verbatim RTUs. This "report by exception" system ensures continuous alarm monitoring, logging and reporting.
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