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 RACO Remote Alarms And Controls
welcome to RACO


AlarmAgent - Wireless Alarm Monitoring Systems


A Wireless, Web-based Alarm System From Your Trusted Source

AlarmAgent.com is a low-cost, wireless, web-based alarm detection and notification system ideal for both permanent and temporary applications.

AlarmAgent.com's features include the following:

  • Access to AlarmAgent.info — an exclusive SaaS application that makes AlarmAgent.com OPC-compatible. AlarmAgent.info allows users to share data with their HMI / SCADA software and third-party applications. Download the brochure for full product information, or click here to see it in action!
  • Real-time Reporting — Collect real-time data via a web-enabled WRTU 24 hours a day. Features include RTU health reports, M2M output and over-the-air firmware updates.
  • Totally Wireless RTU — Easy to install. Goes where landlines can’t, with 98% availability across North America.
  • Reliable, Web-based Communication — Triple-redundant, secure website links WRTU with AlarmAgent.com system.
  • Secure, 24/7 Access — Retrieve equipment and status info anytime, from any web-enabled device or by calling a toll-free number.
  • Robust Monitoring & Control Functionality — Simple configuration through system templates. Integrates eight digital and two universal inputs, and two relay outputs. Receive status of all channels — including analog — in real-time.
  • Straightforward User Interface — Determine system operation locally at a glance. No additional equipment required.
  • Custom User Templates — Easier configuration remotely or locally. Optimized for water and wastewater pump applications.
  • Intelligent System Indicators — Immediate status updates for a number of functions: signal strength, transmission, local service registration, armed / disarmed, AC / battery, on / off.
  • On-demand Custom Reporting — View system alarm and status reports, include battery and charging / discharging status. Data exports with customizable ranges.
  • Flexible Alarm Notification & M2M Control — Instant alarm notification by voice, SMS, pager and email. Ability to control locally connected devices.
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Updates — Allows users to update WRTUs remotely — no need for a field visit.

The AlarmAgent.com page will provide you with product specifications, ordering information, sample applications and technical support. Contact RACO directly to find out how our wide array of products can provide you with a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to your data logging, alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, reporting and control requirements.

AlarmAgent.com System Overview


AlarmAgent.com Upgrade
  • Real-time updates for version 2.6 or earlier
  • Real-time updates for versions 3.0, 3.1 or 5.0
    Owner's Manual
    Sample Graphs   Sample Data Log Files
    Sample E-mail Reports   Account Setup
    AlarmAgent Top 10 FAQ's
    Application Bulletins

    Order AlarmAgent.com Online

    Click links below for prices or to order.

    AlarmAgent® Models
    AlarmAgent Service Plans
    Optional - NEMA Enclosure Antenna and Cable Kits
    Retrofit - NEMA Enclosure Antenna and Cable Kits
    Optional - Indoor Antenna and Cable Kits
    Retrofit - Indoor Antenna and Cable Kits
    AlarmAgent Universal Accessories

    Prices and specification subject to change without notice.