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TL;DR - things can go wrong with our system, not just your RTU, so you need to be aware of when that happens. Sign up today to get alerts when we may be experiencing some problems. Go to
Reliability is critical to what we do. Customers must trust their RACO equipment. It must always stand by and watch critical infrastructure and processes. If there is ever a lapse in that reliability, we must be clear in our communication that 1. something is wrong 2. what we are doing to try to fix it and 3. when the issue has been resolved.
To do so, we rely on our system-wide status system. We implemented this system in 2019. It is where customers can check our system-wide uptime. Get instant notifications when a system is degraded or down entirely.
We report on three major components of our system.
  1. Wireless Communication Services - this service allows an RTU to communicated. Outages of this nature are frustrating since they are out of RACO's hands to triage and resolve. In cases of degraded performance or an outage, it very well may be that the entire cellular network will be down in a given area or region.

  2. Alarm Notification Services - This system handles typical alarm notifications to customers. SMS, Email, Outbound Calling are the three primary channels that customers use. We encourage customers to setup multiple notification methods for alarms. This will prevent the outage of one service (for example, SMS), to put them in the dark about their RTU alarms. We have segregated each of these channels. It is rare that more than one may be out or degraded at any given time.
  3. Web Services - This is the heart of our system and where all of the RTU data is collected and stored. It is also largely in RACO's control if something goes wrong. The obvious exception is if our cloud provider has an outage. In that scenario large parts of the entire internet will be impacted, not just RACO.
Remember, these aren't alarms from your RTU. If It is notifications when we experience an outage of our infrastructure.
When there is an outage, we will post what we know immediately here. That will notify you through your preferred method (email, text, Slack, etc). During an outage, we always provide updates as we have more relevant information to share.
Sign up today to get alerts when we may be experiencing some problems.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Subscribe to Updates" button
  3. Select your notification type (Email, SMS, Slack, Twitter, etc)
  4. Rest easy knowing that you'll always know if something important is happening to the AlarmAgent system.


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