Case Study: Rose Street Lift Station

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Posted by Eric

The Rose Street Lift Station in San Benito, Texas, uses the Chatterbox Automatic Alarm Dialer: a unit furnished with four digital inputs that can access landlines, pagers, cell phones and voice-mail systems. Plant officials keep the dialer in a Nema 4X enclosure with a transparent casing so that crews can easily view its status.

Typical for this type of facility, the alarm is used to monitor power failure and high wet-well levels. Four phone numbers—including the police station’s—are programmed into the system in case of emergency.

In fact, an emergency was the impetus behind the company’s alarm installation. Workers were beginning design and engineering alterations on the station, which manages about 60 percent of the city’s raw sewage, when it caved in. Emergency shoring was placed in the wet well, and utility board members began searching for funds to rebuild. With the design project already underway, Project Engineer John Bardle suggested investing in a RACO Chatterbox Alarm Dialer.

Bardle had a previous favorable experience with the Chatterbox and knew the system’s input functions were compatible with the station’s needs. The installation process is also relatively painless—the contractor had no problems when installing the unit. And more importantly, the Chatterbox gets the most for the client’s dollar.

Recently, a problem developed in the station’s force main, which caused water to back up in the wet well and created high pressure in the discharge line. The dialer reacted to the high level and notified the contractor who responded to the problem.

In San Benito, city crews can sleep easy knowing that the Chatterbox is on guard.

To learn more about the Rose Street Lift Station, check out the complete case study and visit the Chatterbox Automatic Alarm Dialer product page.


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