Case Study: Silver Springs Water Co.

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Posted by Eric

The Silver Spring Water Co. in Park City, Utah, uses a Chatterbox Model CB-4 with Remote Supervisory Control Output (RSC-4) to monitor its well- and spring-fed storage system. CTF Controls of Woods Cross, Utah, designed, furnished and installed the control system, and Lynn Stevens is system manager. The facility normally is unattended.

The Chatterbox monitors four conditions at the facility: storage tank level, spring turbidity, spring valve open/close status and chlorine leakage.

If the turbidimeter senses that spring turbidity is too high, it closes the spring valve and sends an alarm to the Chatterbox. The Chatterbox, in turn, calls Stevens, who can take any needed actions, such as turning on the well pump with his phone. If the Chatterbox calls Stevens with a low tank level alarm, he can check the status of spring valve and turn on the well pump if needed via phone. In the case of a chlorine leak, Stevens can send staff to repair the problem.

The system proved its worth one summer when Stevens was out of the state on business. He called into the Chatterbox to check the facility’s status and learned that the tank level was one-third below normal. He interrogated the Chatterbox and found that both the spring and well valves were off. Using his phone, he was able to open the spring valve so the tank could begin refilling.

According to Stevens, the Chatterbox has helped Silver Springs Water Co. save money. Since he can call in, he avoids unnecessary visits to the site, and any issues come to his attention immediately, before they can cause major damage.

Check out the complete case study, including a diagram of the system, to learn more about the Silver Springs Water Co. and the Park City facility.


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