Case Study: Texas Town Benefits From

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Posted by Eric

City officials in Midlothian, a fast-growing city in Texas, knew that accurate, efficient monitoring of its 12 pump stations was critical to keeping its water infrastructure running smoothly. To improve the functionality and efficiency of its pump monitoring capabilities, the city added RACO’s, a wireless, web-based system that provides on-demand pump monitoring and alarm detection for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Now, plant personnel can monitor flow rates, start rates, water levels and more to ensure that pumps are operating at their best. also notifies plant operators of any pump inefficiencies before serious damage or back-ups can occur.

The system already has proved valuable. Recently, a maintenance worker was notified of a pump inefficiency. Upon investigation, he discovered the pump was clogged with a mop head, but because of the quick notification, he was able resolve the problem before any major issues could occur. has helped maintenance personnel keep the pumps performing at their highest efficiency, which saves the city money and reduces energy use. Midlothian officials plan to continue using in the future—city regulations now require any new pump stations to use to ensure that all pumps perform ideally.

Read the complete case study to learn more about the city of Midlothian and


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