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Posted by Eric

We are proud to launch our new e-commerce experience. Our goal is always to make life more simple and straightforward for our customers. We believe our new site does this.

No need to change your bookmarks or do anything differently. 

Customers who previously had a login to our e-commerce site still have access. Your username is now your email that was on file in the old site, and your password remains the same. 

Some key benefits that customers will love about the new system:

  1. Simplified navigation - No more hunting for the exact product SKU that you need to place your order. Go to one of our primary product pages, select the configuration you want (in terms you understand) and the SKU is generated for you. 
  2. Private catalogs - are you a reseller who gets certain discounts from RACO? Your discounts are automatically applied when you log in.
  3. Automated updates from RACO order management - This system is directly in synch with our production / order management system. If something happens at our factory, you will know about it in your account.
  4. Quick re-order - If you frequently order the same item, you are able to re-order that exact same cart in the click of a button.
  5. Multiple shipping addresses per order - For each order, you can specify the shipping address instead of having to manually enter new orders per shipping address. Let us handle the hard stuff.

If you have any feedback on the new site, please let us know! Email  


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