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Hi and Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce a new update to our AlarmAgent web application that we believe will greatly improve your user experience. Once you watch this video and proceed, the AlarmAgent dashboard will look different. That is because we have redesigned the menu system to make it more intuitive and easier to use, based on your feedback.


As you can see, we re-oriented it to allow for easier navigation along the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 11.22.28 AM-1

The overall hierarchy of the old menus remains the same.  You can now easily click to expand or collapse certain groups of features to keep your screen clear of any clutter.  You can easily find specific features or information without having to hunt through the menus or be on specific pages, as you did before.

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.29.32 PM

But that's not all - we've also made the top of the menu more concise. There is a link to our support center that includes over 100 easy to search articles to help get the most out of your RTU. We also now show the company that you are actively in in the header and provide a link to your personal profile. Some of this is laying the groundwork for future updates we plan to implement. 

We think you're going to love the new menu format and how it simplifies your navigation of the application. This also includes a mobile optimized version that we think you will love when on your phone or tablet.

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.34.37 PM

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.34.47 PM
View of a mobile page When the mobile menu is expanded

We hope it will make your work more efficient and enjoyable.

As always we want to hear from you. If you have any feedback on the new menu format, let us know and email

Thank you for choosing RACO’s AlarmAgent to monitor your critical equipment. 


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